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Cruiser Bikes, Scooters, Off-Road Motorcycles by Categories

Cruiser Bikes, Scooters, Off-Road Motorcycles

So, what kind of bike are you after? Cruiser motorcycles are bigger, beefier bikes, meant for the longer rides. If you and your girl like to ride the bike, cruisers are nice because they are built for more comfort. Two people will fit nicely on the back of a cruiser, much moreso then a smaller motorcycle.

High Performance Bikes

Kawasaki is one brand name that makes high performance bikes. Harley does, too. There are two different types of high performance motorcycles - one would be a crotch rocket. These are smaller bikes (like a Ninja) that have high rates of acceleration, because they are very light. These are the bikes that typically, you can see people riding out on the highway in a dangerous fashion. We don't recommend you ride like that, though! The other types of high performance bikes are bigger cruisers with high CCs. These bikes are not meant as crotch rockets because they can't maneuver as quickly, but they're still powerful.

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