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Custom Motorcycles, Orange County Choppers, Custom Choppers

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Custom Motorcycles

Regular maintenance and care for your motorcycle is fairly simple. Things like regular oil changes, using the right oils and lubricants, storing your motorcycle in warm and dry places will all go a long way in prolonging the life of your motorcycle. If you do find yourself needing replacement parts or aftermarket add-ons for your motorcycle, be sure to check out our website today.

Harley Davidson is one of the most popular and top selling brands of motorcycles in North America, and for good reason. Harley Davidson has many models, types and prices of motorcycles, each ideal for different riders.

Servicing motorcycles is surprisingly easy and inexpensive. Most problems with motorcycles are the result of a worn or damaged part simply needing replacing. Unlike cars, motorcycle parts can be bought and replaced quite easily.

Riding motorcycles is becoming a very popular hobby in Canada and the USA. There are many types of motorcycles on the market, from off road motorcycles and scooters to high performance sport and competition motorcycles. For all types and brands of motorcycles, check out our site.

There are many different motorcycle brands out there. In today's competitive motorcycle market, there are more motorcycle manufacturers than ever before. The bad news of this is that the decision on which brand of motorcycle to buy is becoming increasingly difficult. The good news is that the greater supply is driving prices down and offering consumers the opportunity to buy motorcycles at costs lower than ever before.

Custom Motorcycles Products On Sale


Description : Features the S&S Super Stock ignition system. Comes with chrome-plated rocker covers, roller rocker arms, .585 cam and S&S Super E carburetor. Available in natural aluminum, black powder-coated, or polished finish and gear covers billet or cast finish. Available assembled only. Includes S&S oil filter, 4 quarts of Mobil 1 motor oil and spark plugs. Fits 84-99 stock chassis. 2 year warranty period. S&S Super Stock ignition system. 84-99 stock chassis.

Price : $4721 USD

H-D 19" Front VRSC Reactor Custom Wheel

H-D 19" Front VRSC Reactor Custom Wheel
Description : The five slim spokes and the mirror chrome finish of this custom wheel dramatically change the look of the VRSC™ motorcycle, The "ball-milled spokes radiate from the unique center hub to blend with the machined rim, opening the bike for a light, sporting profile.
Price : $1019 USD

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Custom Motorcycles, Orange County Choppers, Custom Choppers

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Are you not able to find the custom motorcycle that you're after? If so, there are a few ways to let us know what you need. Try filling out the contact form. By filling out the contact form, you let us know exactly what you're looking for. We'll do our best to locate that particular product for you and get it added to Motorcycles Guru. It may be that you're after a new OEM exhaust, a wheel for your bike, replacement handlebars, or maybe even a new fuel tank. Whatever it is you require, let us know here at Motorcycles Guru. We'll do our best to get it added and e-mail you back with where you can find what you're looking for - even if it's on another website.

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